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  • 5-Minute Triage Guarantee
    5-Minute Triage Guarantee

    Waiting long hours to see a doctor is stressful and wastes precious time. Your child will be given an immediate medical evaluation the moment your insurance card is back in your hand.

  • After Hours Urgent Pediatric Care
    After Hours Urgent Pediatric Care

    Only the best for your little Bumps N' Bruises. We provide fast service in a relaxed, "kid-themed" environment from the friendliest pediatricians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners.

  • We Let Your Regular Pediatrician Know What is Going On
    We Let Your Regular Pediatrician Know What is Going On

    After your visit to our center, we submit a written follow up to your primary care doctor within 48 hours. Your doctor will immediately know your child was seen by us and what procedures were used. 

  • Our Own Curbside Nanny at your Service
    Our Own Curbside Nanny at your Service

    When sick children are brought to our clinic, their healthy siblings are usually there right behind them. Our Curbside Nanny provides an extra hand to relieve parents of the already stressing situation.

I was extremely impressed with the entire experience!!! They opened the door for me and kept my children occupied while I was finishing paperwork! I didn't wait at all and felt like I received 5 star ... CONTINUE ›
- Chris T.
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Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

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Measles Outbreak

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Athletes & Concussions

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The Flu

Bumps n’ Bruises Pediatric Urgent Care wants to remind you that the influenza season is in full swing. The “flu,” caused by the influenza virus, is more dangerous to children than ... CONTINUE ›

Urgent Care or Emergency Room?

Many times, your child does not get sick during “regular office hours.” Inevitably, it is after 5 PM, when your pediatrician’s office is closed. As a parent, it is often hard to f ... CONTINUE ›